CASArt 2014

CASA Festival is a Latin American theatre and art festival which has been running in London since 2007.  It presents the very best Latin American performers and artists to UK audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

CASArt, an integral part of the festival, is a yearly competition seeking to uncover the best in emerging new Latin American artistic talent. My collaboration with stop motion film maker Enrique Rovira won the competition which meant that we were invited to take over the entire Rich Mix gallery in London for the duration of the festival. The film was projected on loop and presented alongside other examples of my paper cut artwork.

Our piece was a short animation film about the little special things that happen in all kinds of homes, and the emotions that stay inside the walls when people leave their houses. The entire film was made with pieces of my cut handcrafted paper work, painstakingly captured using stop motion film techniques. We were very proud of the resulting film and are currently collaborating on a number of other interesting commissions in the advertising space.