My paper garden

In the past couple of years, I started gardening. It’s absolutely wonderful to see how everything grows in this country. So I decided to recreate the exact same plants I have in my garden, but in paper. Fuchsias, geraniums, a spider plant, tulips, calendulas, dahlias, orchid, lavender. And of course the tools: gloves, a watering can, trowel, mini secateurs and spades.
The box is 23x23cm so the flowers are very small, it’s all handmade.
You can find more details on my Etsy Shop

Mini paper houses

Let me tell you something about my neighbourhood. After the second world war, a group of service men returned to find a severe shortage of housing. They decided to create a collective and build their own houses. They asked for land, donations and loans from the council and local business, and built the first two houses in just seven weeks. After two years that had built 20 houses in total, costing £700 each. At the end, they picked a number from a hat to decide which of them would own each house.

I live in one of those houses now in Bevendean, Brighton, UK – right opposite the South Downs.
Brighton Ex Service Men’s Housing Society was a brilliant success and I feel very lucky to be living in one of these very special house.

I’ve been making tiny paper houses in domes inspired by my neighbourhood and this enterprising collective. I’m donating money from these sales to the victims that lost their homes to hurricane Irma/Harvey in the last few weeks, and to those who were forced out by para-militia burning their homes in Rohingya villages in Myanmar.
When life is unfair, the only way is being kind to others. I’ll spend a month doing more and more paper houses, for them.

The house is 25mm. The dimension of the dome are:
Size: 25mm diameter x38mm high

You can find them at my Etsy Shop

Ode to Anxiety

Ode to Anxiety – Personal Work

A couple of months ago, my baby was quite ill. My anxiety was all over the place, couldn’t sleep really. Every night I went to my desk and hand cut it a little bit of this piece. It’s completely handmade. Took me 3 months to complete, doing and hour now and then when everyone else was sleeping in the house. Papercutting helps me to focus and relax when I need it the most.
I called it “Ode to Anxiety” because that’s how I felt it. Something growing and growing like a plant coming from the stomach, taking over everything that was around. I’m very fond of this piece, it’s very different of what I normally do. Finished it when Felix was better and cured.

My Wardrobe – Paper Sculpture


Every night I have a discussion with my husband -“You have too many clothes”, – “actually no, I need more space!”. So I thought why not recreate my wardrobe? It is full of stuff…. can you see the cat?
It is made with ivory and brown textured paper.
It has a wooden base. Height: 32 cm.

I made a very similar piece for the book “Beautiful Paper Cutting: Over 30 Creative Projects for Cards, Gifts, Decor, and Jewelry” published by Lark Crafts.