Ode to Anxiety

Ode to Anxiety – Personal Work

A couple of months ago, my baby was quite ill. My anxiety was all over the place, couldn’t sleep really. Every night I went to my desk and hand cut it a little bit of this piece. It’s completely handmade. Took me 3 months to complete, doing and hour now and then when everyone else was sleeping in the house. Papercutting helps me to focus and relax when I need it the most.
I called it “Ode to Anxiety” because that’s how I felt it. Something growing and growing like a plant coming from the stomach, taking over everything that was around. I’m very fond of this piece, it’s very different of what I normally do. Finished it when Felix was better and cured.

Newham Carnival 2017

I was approached by Emergency Exit Arts, a community-focused arts group, to participate in a project alongside several other artists. Our mission was to create and deliver ideas for the Newham Carnival 2017. We spent a couple of days designing the main features and preparing the materials we would need to deliver the workshops. Having developed our ideas, throughout June we visited primary schools across the borough to help children bring alive our designs for the Carnival.  We worked in different groups with specific designs relating to Rio, New Orleans, Venice, and Trinidad & Tobago. Each team had different colours,  schemes and themes. The children we met with were from a range of backgrounds, each bringing different ideas to the workshops. It was brilliant to see the range of cultural references in the designs.

This project gave me great experience of working at scale, using a range of different materials, such as plastic, card and paper mache. I helped with one of the floats working on a crown for a massive king’s head. I also developed my ability to work with a diverse group of young people and inspire them to explore their creativity.


Elliot’s Room

I was approached by a family who wanted to decorate the nursery of their first child. They loved one of my paper pieces and they wanted to make all the decorations about space, and to incorporate some animals from a paper house I made. After a month of painting, I created a constellation on the ceiling that glows in the dark and other several illustrations that they requested, such as a giraffe flying in a rocket, a train with the initials of the child with a bear as driver, an owl, and some bunnies having tea on a planet. Once the mural was finished, the family made sure that every single object in the room was matched with the theme and colours.
This scale of work was only possible with the invaluable collaboration of the artist Joe Goldman
I think it looks quite adorable!