DIY Baby Paper Mobile

Hello! I’ve been very busy having a baby! But this weekend I had a lovely idea that worked very well. The client was so pleased 🙂 he was mesmerised by the colours and shapes.

Want to make your own? Just follow these simple instructions:

What you’ll need

– something circular, I used a candle, but you can use a bangle.
– 5 sheets of colour paper
Invisible Thread
– a piece of wire
– a ribbon
– Scissors

Instructions 🙂
1. First, we are going to draw the circles in the colour pages. Two per page

2. Cut the circles

3. Fold the circles in the middle

4. Glue the circles together, your children can help with this.

5. Then you finish, it will look like a ball

6. Now lets make the little stand for the ballon. In a brown paper we are going to draw a small circle a some 0.5 x 9 cm rectangles, these will be our “strings. Then you have a bigger rentable of 13 cm long and 3 cm tall for the basket.

7. Cut the circle and the strings. When you are cutting the basket leave some flaps so you can stick it to the circular bottom.

8. Add the strings to the paper ball.

9. Paste the strings to the basket.

10. You have a paper ballon now. I added some people inside, very simple designs but you can just leave the ballons.

11. Repeat all the instructions and do 2 more balloons, preferably in different colours. I did a ballon in red, one in green and another in violet
12. With the wire, do a circle. After this, cover the wire with some ribbon. I found a sparkly in my house.

13. With invisible thread, do a 3 point hanger at the top. And try to fix it somewhere so you can add the ballon.
14. Pass some invisible thread into the ballon and hang in 3 equal parts of the wire.

15. you can add as much detail as you want in the thread. I added a moon, a sun, a cloud and a star.

7. Voila! You have a paper mobile for your baby. You can buy a little motor for a few pounds to make it go round alone.
And if you do this, please take some photos and send them to me, I’d love to see how you get on.

Beautiful Paper Cutting

My work was featured in a book called “Beautiful Paper Cutting” published by an American company called Sterling Publishing. I presented two projects alongside ‘how to’ explanations and templates. It was a wonderful project to be involved!
beautiful papercutting1

beautiful papercutting2

beautiful papercutting3

beautiful papercutting4

Roehampton Lounge – Workshop with EEA

I worked on a series of paper cut workshops with Emergency Exit Arts at the Alton Towers in Roehampton. We finished this week of art with a massive event involving several artists, called The Lounge. For this, artists worked in collaboration with residents of the Alton Estate to transform the space into an outdoor sitting room. Visitors then had the opportunity to participate in different activities at different stations around to space, as well as some sofas they could use to relax, and to enjoy the environment. The day finished with a Fire Garden and spectacular fireworks display, accompanied by a screening of the slow motion animation that we created with the children at the Library workshops.

Roehampton 17th May 2014- Photos by Enrique Rovira













DIY Christmas Window Display

image1 2

Hello! Christmas is fast approaching. This weekend we had a bit of fun creating a Christmassy window display at home using some of my paper cuts. The children had a lot of fun helping me putting all the stars in place. It is a great activity to do with kids and looks lovely with candles. Want to make your own? Just follow these simple instructions:

What you’ll need

– 2/3 straight-ish thin branches from the park
– 6 sheets of white or cream paper
Invisible Thread
Sticky dots
– 4 pieces of this rustic Jute string to hold the branches together
– Scissors or Scalpel
– These downloadable patterns to copy the figures (just in case you don’t want to draw them)
– Some Christmas lights

Instructions 🙂
1. We found that two branches adequately spanned our window but use as many or as few as you need. Tie a piece of string onto both ends of each branch.

2. Wrap the Christmas lights around the branches and tie them up so they run along the top of the window.

3. Copy the patterns/drawings onto the cream paper. If you don’t want to draw them and then cut them with scissors or a scalpel. Make a lot of stars. The moon can be a little bit tricky, but you can always do an easy version with a circle.
4. Place the sticky dots behind each piece and stick them to the window, let the kids do this part!
5. Cut four pieces of invisible thread and hang them from the branches running down to the bottom of the window. Stick the ends down with scotch tape or tie them around the branch to keep them straight. Stick some more stars onto the thread, you can secure them with cellotape on the back.
6. Put some candles at the bottom, I used this lovely paper holders
7. Voila! You have a Christmas Display!

And if you do this, please take some photos and send them to me, I’d love to see you get on.



Family Commission

I’ve been approached by a client to illustrate their family story. The story is divided into two parts, featuring everything that the couple like to do, such as going to London, going for walks in the countryside, climbing mountains, reading, playing with the kids. There are certain places where they travelled together which they wanted to include. The final paper cut artwork was delivered in an oak shadow box. Size : 30 x 50cm.







Professor Green – CALMzine cover

The charity Campaign Against Living Miserable (CALM) commissioned me to create a portrait of Professor Green for the cover of their 18th Issue of CALMzine, a free magazine distributed all over UK. I created this piece cutting every single piece of his face as a paper and then assembling all of them by hand. The final piece was photographed and used as the cover. You can read the entire issue on CALMzone website