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✂ I’m an Argentinian artist based in Brighton ✂


△ Seven years ago, I discovered what an amazing material paper is. This opened up a whole new path for me. I opened my Etsy Shop, called My Papercut Forest, where I sell personalised little papercut boxes with stories in them. These paper sculptures are currently on sale in various bespoke home furnishing stores in the UK and online.

△ In November 2016, CALMzine, which I design and art direct, was nominated to the Media Awards 2016. CALMzine won “Publication 2016”.

△ I participated in two American books. One called Beautiful Paper Cutting, released in May 2014, and A Very Merry Paper Christmas, released in 2016, with two “how to” guides for people to create their own personal paper creations.

△ I won the first prize at CASArt 2014, working alongside the super talented film maker Enrique Rovira to create a stop motion animation film “It is nice to be home”. We exhibited the animation and some of my paper art at the Rich Mix, London, as part of the CASA Latin American Festival.

△ Etsy contacted me in December 2013 to be part of a creative event called Get Creative in the world-renowned Liberty store in London. I was one of the 12 chosen artists commissioned to work against the clock live in the window to create a display. (See featured image).

△ I love painting. I studied with Ricardo Celma and Adrian Lirman in Buenos Aires and after moving to London in 2010 I took courses at Putney Art School, including illustration with Mary Kuper and Carolyn Dinan, two amazing illustrators.

△ I developed my style and began to create illustrated greeting cards which can be found and bought online at Thortful & Greeting Cards Universe. I have sold more than 8000 cards there.

△ In 2012, I illustrated a pop-up sketchbook entitled ‘The last words ever spoken’ that was exhibited at the Brooklyn library in New York, receiving an amazing reception and included in a related book.


△ Recently, I participated in Newham Carnival in London, a big community project with Emergency Exit Arts. We did several workshops in primary schools in the borough. I ran workshops with other talented artists to create costumes, flags, banner and hats for the carnival. I was involved in one of the floats, creating a massive scale crown for a king.  The parade was a success.

△ In 2014, I worked with Emergency Exit Arts, as part of “The Lounge”. This was part of the 2014 Wandsworth Art Fringe Festival comprising a series of workshops and a final participatory event in Alston House, where we ran paper workshops and created stop motion animations with the local residents.

△ I moved from Buenos Aires to London in 2010. Before that I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as a graphic designer. Finishing my course , I worked as a assistant professor at University of Buenos Aires in the subjects of Design, History of Art and Aesthetics. I love teaching and the amazing atmosphere of the classroom. Therefore as soon as I arrived in the UK I started studying for an MA in the History of Art. I finished with a distinction in 2015.

△ I am skilled graphic designer with over 12 years experience and a client list which includes the BBC, Oily Cart theatre company, UNESCO and the award-winning CALM Magazine. For more about my design work please visit www.sdvgraphicdesign.co.uk

△ Apart from all this, I love cake and tea, Miyasake films, going to art exhibitions,   reading stories about interesting people, baking, gardening, playing hide and seek with my three little boys in the forest.


Paper Illustration for La Tundra Magazine – London, 2017.
▪ Paper Illustration for CALMzine – London, 2017.
▪ A Very Merry paper Christmas, Sterling Publishing – USA, 2016.
▪ Beautiful Paper Cutting, Sterling Publishing – USA, 2015.
▪ Colliers Wood Arts Festival – London, 2015.
▪ CASA Latin America Festival, Rich Mix, London, 2014.
▪ Wimbledon Open Art Studios – London, UK – May 2014
▪ Etsy’s Get Creative at Liberty – London, UK – November 2nd, 2013
▪ Cafe Gallery, 28 Annual Exhibition – CGP London, Southwark Park, London, UK – Nov 14th to Dec 2nd, 2012
▪ Face To Face – Espacio Gallery – London, UK – Sept 27th to Oct 2nd, 2012
▪ Memoria Ilustrada – Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina – June 28 to July 22nd.
▪ The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition – Brooklyn Art Library, NYC, USA – June 22th, 2012
▪ Argentine Passions – Editorial Maizal, 2012.

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